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About Us

About us

Welcome to Acadelix

More skilled workforce and better openings with practical IT courses!

Acadelix is an online IT training platform where we provide you with the best and most demanding IT skills with practical learning and applications. We don't teach you just IT skills but guide you on implementing that reality and making your profile worth it.

We have designed hundreds of labs and virtual environments to implement innovative solutions so that learners can experience real-time problems and learn how to tackle them. These courses are for everyone, and even someone with a basic idea of IT technology can build up their career in the digital world with us.


What Sets Us Apart?

Acadelix differs from your regular IT course platform, where you attend lectures, do some labs and assignments and get certification. It is a skill-based training where you get to implement an experience of practical environments and scenarios. What makes us special includes:

  • Realistic labs and environment for deep learning

  • One-on-one consultations

  • Tailored learning plans

  • Impactful certifications

  • Connections with the industry leaders

  • Budget-friendly charges

Our Mission

We want to give more than just certifications and recommendations but also train professionals who know what is needed and get the business owners IT experts capable of handling any task excellently. With practical learning goals and on-site case training, we ensure that each learner fully understands the techniques.

Acadelix is on a mission to create more skilled professionals that are highly in demand in the market and bridge the gap of skilled workforce in the business world. We want to create a network of qualified professionals and recruiters so that IT professionals get better opportunities and businesses benefit from the best IT experts.


Our Vision

At Acadelix, we aim to create more job openings for the skilled workforce and train them to compete in the demanding industry with the best skills. With the innovation in the IT field and rapidly changing dynamic vision to train workers, we meet the demands of an evolving industry and provide skilled professionals in the IT realm.


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