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Live Training Program

Deeper Learning and Practical Implementation for the Students or Employees Through Live Training!

Whether you want to arrange a live training week for your students in the final semester or train your employees to run the new system, Acadelix is at your service. We arrange live training programs online or on campus to teach students, workers or the general public who want to learn new skills.

With live sessions, learners can better understand and clearly understand their concepts in detail. We provide you with all the software packages and training environments through a virtual sandbox where they can practice as much as they want in real problems and practical packages.

One-on-one Guidance and Access to Labs and Course Material for a Lifetime!

Learn from the best tutors worldwide and polish your IT skills to make a difference in your professional life or during your degree program so you can start working even before convocation. Our courses are designed for all. From commoners to expert programmers, everyone can avail themselves and learn through our courses.
With the live session, clearing the basic concepts and introduction to the virtual environment and related skills is no problem. No matter if you want to learn coding at 40 or your kid in school is interested in game development, our courses can cater for anyone, and you can have tailored programs, too.

Book Our Live Training and Start Discovering New Opportunities and Career Paths!

Refrain from limiting yourself to the degree you took in college and explore new options and skills that can be interesting for you and help you get better job positions and promotions at work. Contact our team to learn more.